The Top Five Most Unique Pizzas in the Country
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Pizza is a pie made with peperoni and cheese, right? Actually, it is commonplace for cities to have their own spin on the old time favorite. The more bizarre the pizza the more people want to try it. Some people have favorite styles of pizza’s that are anything but traditional.

One of the best places to find unique pizza and topping is at Al Forno in Providence. The pizzas here are all grilled and cooked over an open fire. Forget the traditional chewy crust here, this flame seared delight has a taste all its own. Toppings are their specialty. Adding unique and tempting creations to their grilled pizzas are sure to give anyone a real treat.

If you are not in Providence, you may want to try one of the other fascination pizzas in this country. Here are the top 5 in America:

1. The The Korean-style Hanchi Gold pie can be found in Los Angele’s. This unique creation has beans, sweet potatoes, onions, beef, peppers, olives, corn, mushrooms, jalapenos, bacon bits, cheese, calamari among other delightful ingredients. To some this is not pizza, but to the Koreans it is a little slice of heaven.

2. Indian Pizza- Served in San Fransisco, CA this is not for the faint of heart, given the spices used.

3. Chicago Style- Chicago Pizza Pie’s are a treat that everyone must experience once.

4. Polish Pizza- Served in Chicago, these unique creation has an egg right on the top.

5. Turkish Piza- When traveling to NYC the Piza is something that must be tried. Heavy on spices but full on flavor.

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