Top Three Best Pepperoni Pizzas Ever Made
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It may be a surprise, but most of the top pepperoni pizzas are not made by authentic Italian restaurants. Some of the best pepperoni pizzas are made by places like Dominoes, Papa John and the frozen pizza maker Tombstone.
These three companies have some of the best pepperoni pizzas ever made. A lot of this has to do with the sauces that are used. Dominoes, for examples, gives customers two options for sauce: hearty tomato sauce or marinara sauce. Tombstone uses some of the best cheese blends with their pepperoni blends. This can be a wonderful sensation to the taste buds. Papa Johns rounds out the top three with pepperoni that is zesty. All of these pizzas are different, but they come together to form three of the best pepperoni pizzas on the planet.

The is not just speculation between consumers. It has become popular opinion that is backed by some strong sales numbers. Dominoes and Papa Johns have opened up more stores while franchises like Pizza Hut are closing some of their doors. Tombstone has the frozen food market on lock when it comes to pizza. All three companies have bestselling pepperoni pizzas on the top of their lists.

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