Ten Best Family-Friendly Pizza Joints in America

A fun family vacation for those who love pizza is to travel to the top 10 family style pizza joints in America.
Start your trip in New York City at Keste Pizza and Vino. A dairy farmer that became a cheese salesman opened this Neapolitan pizzeria. Make sure to try one of their lardo, Pecorino Romano and basil pizza.

Start your trip in Washington D.C. at 2 Amys. Make sure to order one of their Neapolitan pizzas known as denominazione di origine controllata. Say hi to either owner as you already know their name, Amy.

After eating at 2 Amys, then head south to Boston’s Pizzeria Regina. Enjoy one of their unique brick-oven masterpieces. This north end Boston pizzeria has been making families happy since 1926.

After leaving Boston, one will have only a short trip to Philadelphia for the next great experience at Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar. This unique restaurant offers a large wine and beer selection with many local selections.

After leaving Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar, then, it is quite a trip to our next choice in Chicago. It is worth the wait to visit Crust for the most unique pizza you will ever love. Try the caraway-seasoned behamel with crisp bacon chunks and purple onions. Their pizza contains no tomato sauce.

Get ready for another long trip to Houston, Texas. This is where you will find Star Pizza. Try their hand-tossed Salsa Verde pizzas before heading to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, one simply must eat at Tomasso’s. This pizza joint with a family atmosphere features the oldest wood-fired oven on the west coast.

Travel to Las Angeles next for a great pizza at Abbot’s Pizza Company. This restaurant wins the award for the most unique crust. It is made like bagel dough.

Finally, travel up the west coast to Seattle. The best pizza in Seattle can be found at Serious Pie. Make sure to try their Yukon gold potato pizza.

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