The Best Pizza in the Country
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If you get any of those Food or Discovery channels through, then you have most likely seen shows that talk about the best pizza in the country. As Americans and, really, as a species we absolutely love pizza. We just can’t get enough of it.

And, sure, while people talking about the best pizzas might be overplayed, we have a feeling they probably missed a few.

Listed below are the best pizzas in the country according to us:

1. Gino’s East – Chicago, Illinois
The deep dish pizza they serve up at Gino’s gives new definition and meaning to the word “dense.” Those things have been known to be over an inch and a half thick and packed full of flavor. It’s like if a pizza and a car tire had a child.

2. Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria – Kennesaw, Georgia
If the deep dish pizza of Gino’s could be likened to a tire, the 30-inch, 11-pound Carnivore Challenge Pizza at Big Pie could very well be likened to a throw rug. That thing is massive and an ordeal in and of itself.

3. Beth’s Caf – Seattle, Washington
Beth’s Cafe offers the Southwestern Exposure. It’s a 12-egg omelet packed with beef brisket chili, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese – all served atop an enormous pizza platter.

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